We write our elected officials regularly to let them know about policies we oppose. On this blog you will find lots of scripts to make it easier for you to give voice to your message, if you feel the call that we feel to claim kind, caring policies for our communities.  We write elected officials who favor inclusive policies to affirm their positions.  Our work at present is more about opposition than support, but we are working together positively and persistently, with the hope of arriving at a day when there are community building policies being considered nationally and statewide.

Initially, we have two hundred women writing from these scripts, adapting the message to their experiences, or more simply, just sending the short, core message.  In the coming months, our objective, with your help and with the help of others you recruit to this effort, is to multiply our numbers many, many times.  We hope that you will join this effort, if you haven’t already, and WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, creating a postcard storm of the magnitude that has never before been experienced.  Our goal is to see that qualified candidates are encouraged to seek political office, knowing that there is a groundswell of support for elected officials who serve public interests rather than self-interests.  With those candidates recruited, then we hope to encourage previously apathetic voters to get to the polls and help elect candidates that represent the people by working through complicated issues to find solutions that work rather than depending on a political posture to get the job done.

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