Learn about postcard storms.

WELCOME.  On this site, learn about postcard storms, beginning with what one is. We have scripts for you to direct to elected officials, letting them know you favor inclusive policies that improve community life.  You can use the short script as provided or tailor a longer script to your experience. Be sure to provide your name and complete mailing address on each postcard you write to elected officials, preferably with your nine digit zip code.  Sign your name as it appears on your voter registration card.  If you are widely known by a nickname, include it in parentheses. With your name, provide your telephone number, your e-mail, or both so that the official’s office can contact you in response.  Some may. We recommend that you focus on the elected officials you actually vote for (or against).  This site is all about individuals taking collective action. One postcard at a time, we change nothing.  Thousands of postcards at a time is another matter. Our collective engagement will encourage qualified candidates who are interested in serving public interests, rather than self-interests, to seek office.  Our collective engagement will encourage people who are presently apathetic about voting to get to the polls and make their voices heard. In the first weeks of Friends for Civil Action’s postcard storming effort, we’ve mailed more than 2000 messages.  Going forward, that will need to be a drop in the bucket.  That’s where you come in, along with your neighbors, friends, and family that you can recruit to the effort.  Now, for the sample messages…

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