Today’s Message is a Phone Call to the Governor of Texas

Here’s my message:  I’m calling to let Governor Abbot know I oppose what the media is calling the “bathroom bill.”  My name is Mary H. Sharpe and my zip code is 78703-2833. Please tell the Governor I oppose the “bathroom bill” and a special session. Thank you.  I oppose this bill because it’s discriminatory, bad for the people of Texas, and bad for business. I am opposed to a special session. I am opposed to having damaging policies like SB 4 (emergency ban on sanctuary cities), like SB 3 that proposed public school money being channeled to private schools, and like SB 6  being proposed under any circumstance.  To have them as signature legislature is incredibly disheartening, and makes it all the clearer to many of us how much we need new Texas leaders.

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