Our over-arching messages

We speak to let elected officials know we embrace inclusive policies that provide the foundation for healthy community life. We wholeheartedly oppose policies grounded in exclusion, in destruction, and in fear. We are residents of our neighborhoods and of the world.

Elected Official Letter and Friends for Civil Action Statement

Letter to members of the Texas Legislature and the Governor

 May 24, 2017

I write as a representative of one of the many postcard storming groups that have cropped up around our country, many of us getting the same idea at the same time without consulting with each other.

In my group, more than 200 are on our email list, receiving weekly updates.  Twenty to sixty of us come to postcard storms—we have held 8 storms so far, with an average attendance of forty people. We come together to write, not chat. Others send messages independently.  We are neither hateful, nor sore losers—at least, not generally speaking.

What we are is deeply concerned that our way of life is being uprooted and discarded in a matter of months.  Civility has been trampled—but that is perhaps the least important loss.  The most important loss is that a whole party of our nation, one of two parties with a rich tradition of service, has decided that governing isn’t their business.  Within our group we have traditional Republicans, moderate independents, and many Democrats.

We are bound by the belief that inclusive policies are best.

Such policies open the door for everyone to have an opportunity to participate in a robust economy. They respect the rights of all people, citizens or not. They value the fundamental difference quality public education makes, and they recognize that without a quality public education system we are lost as a society. Inclusive policies recognize health care is beyond the pocketbooks and wallets of all but the very richest and that government must be involved in solutions that allow all people to access health care—regardless of whether that person is deemed a good worker.  Inclusive policies understand our environment really is being destroyed by human hands, and that we must take measures while we still can to protect it.  Inclusive policies acknowledge that no one of us has a direct line to the source of creation and, thus, cannot declare a woman’s womb his business.

We write simple messages—largely in opposition to a particular bill.  Our messages are simple, because we know any attention our words will get will be fleeting at best, so we try to make the biggest point we have to offer on a lead topic as clearly as we can.  Respectfully.

We believe that issues government must actively solve are intertwined and complex and demand expert input.  Where we would hope to see solution-driven policies, we instead see blustering, ego-driven chest-thumping, meanness, self-interest, and perhaps worse.

While the President prompted us to pick up our pens and purchase postcards, he, in my view, is compromised by intellectual instability and lack of relevant experience.  Our eyes are looking beyond him at elected officials in all the offices where we hold a vote.   Our hope is to enlist many other people in many districts across the country in the same endeavor, voting out of office the people who act for themselves instead of their constituents.

Those elected officials who believe America’s needs can be solved through tax breaks have lost their way.  What sounded to some like a good promise, just like the sound of a border wall sounded good to some, isn’t what America needs.  What we think we want and what we really need aren’t necessarily the same, and too many of our elected officials have ceased to look ahead to what is needed.

Along with my fellow Friends for Civil Action, I plan to stay engaged in the coming years, as I have been in the past months.  Too much is at stake not to be.


Mary (Molly) H. Sharpe

Austin, TX  78703-2833

Friends for Civil Action co-signing this letter: Mary A. G. McCalla, Lois C. Pattie, Kate E. Clark, Jean L. Works, Martha Pincoffs, Louise Gose Pincoffs, Eileen Lundy, Nancy Chapman Collins, Cynthia W. Caruso, Sally Wittliff, Karen Hertel, Julia Baker Howry, Annes McCann-Baker, Susan O. Bradshaw, Karen Saadeh, Desiree Hollingsworth, Maria Cisne Farahani; Jane Dryden Louis, Danielle Jaussaud, Carol Conner Wilson, Margot Thomas, Cindy Keever, Joanna Hitchcock, Gay Gillen, Susan Erickson,

Friends for Civil Action Founders’ Postcard Stormer Statement

Friends for Civil Action is an informal network—without dues or infra-structure—of friends and neighbors branching to many neighborhoods.  We engage in postcard storms to make our voices heard.

We speak to let elected officials know we embrace inclusive policies that provide the foundation for healthy community life. We wholeheartedly oppose policies grounded in exclusion, in destruction, and in fear.

We are residents of our neighborhoods and of the world.

Our numbers grow as friends talk to friends. Some of us are liberal, some moderate, some fiscally conservative.  We applaud a thriving economy, but are only satisfied when the goal is prosperity for the many, not just the few.

Though a number of us are part of organized religious traditions, we resent the way that close-minded beliefs are being propagated in the names of “Christianity,” “Family Values,” and “Patriotism.”

Above all, we believe in an America that values the unique human spirit that lies within each of us as citizens, and within those as well who would join us as citizens.

Acting with persistence, we will continue to voice our concerns, to work for candidates who agree with our aims, and to let our representatives know that we are measuring their actions against the template of our beliefs.

Founders as of May 22, 2017

Mary (Molly) H. Sharpe 78703-2833

Kate Clark 78703-2706

Cynthia Keever 78705-3510

Gay Gillen 78703

Kathryn Miller Anderson 78703-1903

Margot Thomas 78751

Desiree Pedreschi Holllingsworth 78746-4120

Mary Gideon Herman 78703-4309

Paula Thompson Herd 78746-1232

Joan Lava 78731-4723

Standish Meacham 78703

Nancy Chapman Collins 78703-3633

Emmy Lou Sawyer 78731-4736

Edwin R. Sharpe 78703-2833

JoAnn McKenzie 78731-2908

Teresa Ann Oppedal 78703-2447

Cynthia Woodham Caruso

Mary Jane Hilfer  78746-4125

Cindy Winn Livingston 78731

Sidney Hollingsworth  78746-4120

Lois Catherine Pattie  78745

Susan O. Bradshaw  78756-3510

Rebecca Benz 78722

Danielle Jaussaud 78759-4438

Mary A. L. (Maline) McCalla 78703

Loretta Bates Fischer 78703-4228

Karen Jean Saadeh 78751-3723

Elizabeth Osborne 78703-2234

Robbie Ausley 78731-4049

Quita McMath 78703

Kathleen Doris Niendorff 78703

Margaret D. Manley 78731-6125

Teddy Kinney 78703

Bea Ann Smith 78703-3314

Diane Umstead 78703

Jean Leary Works 78703-2244

Susan Cassano 78745

Molly Dougherty 78703-2502

Nancy Scanlan 78731

Susan Robertson 78731

Patricia Yeargain 78731-1800

Elaine Robicheaux 78730

Mary Murphy Craddock 78703-2436

Mary Ann Roser 78756-3516

Sandra Sain 78703

Susan Robbins Kelly 78746-4121

Randeen S. Torvik-Ragan 78703-2844

Annes McCann-Baker 78746-2304

Mallory Campbell Shaddix 77024-7104

Ann Mason 77030-4120

Terri LeClercq  78751

Anne Byars

Alison Suttle

Dallas D. Miller

Brittmarie Janson Perez

Maria Farahani  78731

Jeri Houston

Dana Hollingsworth

Karen Moody

Paula Tuttle

Julia Bateman

Ann Caroline Leifeste 78727

Jennifer S. Hassibi 78703

Barbara Kim Bernson 78751

Brenna Randolph 78703

Heid Ross 78756

Jessica Niemiec 78751

Courntey Dial 78725

Ameli Agbodan 78731

Leila R. Lederer 78731

Michele Murphy 78756

Christian Drake 78703

Joan Sharpe 78731

Kelly Aho 78756

Lindsey Connor Mosby 78731

Regan Lenehan 78756

Joan Lusky Levy 78746

Tracey Marchbanks 78735-6488

Lynn Cohagan 78731

Jane Scroggs 78703

Martha Pincoffs 78722

Eileen Lundy 78746-2708

Edward Lundy 78746-2708

Sally Bowers Wittliff 78703

Karen Hertel 78703

Louise Gose Pincoffs 78703

Julia Baker Howry 78703-1521

Elizabeth Hood Hall 78703

Marjorie (Margie) McClurg 78746-4622

Carol Conner Wilson 78703

Judith Willcott 78705-2321

Susan Erickson 78703-6027

Joanna Hitchcock 78703

Nancy Wilson Scanlan 78746

Dina Sherzer 78746-4342

Joel Sherzer 78746-4342









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