A Watch of Lamentation

During the special session of the Texas Legislature, we will hold a Watch of Lamentation. We are lamenting the divisive agenda set by the Governor.  We invite others into our grief, working together towards a day when more people will feel encouraged to vote–both those who are under-represented at the polls and also those who have fallen away from voting because of apathy.  We want to serve as inspiration for those qualified candidates in the wings who are capable of holding office with a desire to serve the best interests of the public.  Such service requires dialogue rather than combative behavior and talk.  Such service requires learning from dialogue and conflict what are the right questions to ask, rather than leaping over and over to the tired answers that don’t work.  Our best hope for state government would be to see two able candidates from the Republican party rise up to challenge the Governor and Lt. Governor.  Nationally, we want to see many good Democrats and Republicans step forward, people who won’t be cornered into being puppets for deep pockets.  Meanwhile, we lament. We also speak, that we may be heard.

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