Letter to the Editor Submission

Letter to the Editor of The New York Times

Re: “With Voters Riled, G.O.P. Senators Lie Low.”

This article started on a high note. It ended by sucking the air out of the room with a downer opinion. A woman on the street asked for her thoughts about speaking to senators, replied, “Helpless.” That was the article’s last word.

This type of reporting does America no good. To be heard, we must speak. We don’t need valuable news outlets such as The New York Times depleting energy, rather than fostering it.  Keep bringing us the facts, as you do so well, but don’t let an on-the-street opinion serve as the wrap up for a front-page story. I know it’s a norm in journalism, but it’s a bad norm.

Molly Sharpe

Austin, Texas

The writer is founding member of Friends for Civil Action, a postcard storming group that focuses on policy and encourages the avoidance of name calling.

I just sent this to the New York Times.  Sunday’s Austin American-Statesman carried my first letter to the editor submission, a message about the need for Medicaid.  Postcard stormers, let’s be bold about speaking in public forums, motivating each other to keep on point as we move forward.


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