Weekly Update from the Postcard Storm

Here are message prompts for Congress today; I’ve underlined the key phrase to make it easy to make your message short:

#1: Chancellor Bill McRaven says about our DACA students, “Congress must now act quickly to provide a bridge for these students to remain in the U.S. and become citizens.”  I agree.  Not only does Chancellor McRaven know about education, he knows about public safety, having led the raid on Osama Bin Laden.  DACA students should not be treated as a threat; they should be respected as a resource our nation needs.

#2: President of the Association of American Medical Colleges Darrell G. Kirch said the administration’s decision, even with the “wind down process described, the implications of this action for medical students, medical residents, and researchers with DACA status are serious, and will interfere with their ability to complete their training and contribute meaningfully to the health of the nation.”  Congress needs to provide a legal pathway for all who have been part of the DACA program and to all immigrants already in our country who do not pose threats to their communities.

Both quotes are from the Austin American-Statesman article, September 6 by Ralph K.M. Haurwitz, page A5.

Before signing off for this week, I want to call your attention to Joy Diaz’s August 31st  contribution to Texas Standard which aired on KUT.  Her presentation of the facts around SB 4 (the ban on sanctuary cities) shows us how intertwined  all the major issues of our times are—in this case, immigration policy and public school finance.

With thoughts of all impacted by Hurricane Harvey,


Molly Sharpe

Friends for Civil Action

Friends for Civil Action believe inclusive policies are the right policies for community life, public safety, the economy, and the human spirit.  We are an informal network—without dues or infra-structure—of friends and neighbors branching to many neighborhoods.  As we present our goals to elected officials, we do so with civility, avoiding name calling.  We focus on issues that are vital to community well-being.  We are residents of our neighborhoods and of the world.

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