Message for any and all of the following: the president, your senators, your congress representative, the U.S. and state attorney generals, the governor, your state senator and state legislator:

I support gun control measures that will keep assault weapons out of private citizens’ hands. I support gun control measures that will allow me to be in public spaces without worrying that private citizens in my vicinity are carrying loaded weapons, concealed or not.

Message protocol. Send and/or call your message. Handwritten, posted mail stands out from the email crowd. Postcards deliver your message quickly and concisely. Phone is timely, but some of us won’t phone.  Provide your name as it appears on your voter’s registration card and your zip code.  Your nine-digit zip helps identify your congressional and state legislator district.  When mailing, provide a return address for post. Provide an email address if you like.

Sending Messages with Love

As the need for The Postcard Storm continues, the value of composing messages from a base of love, rather than from a base of anger gains my front and center attention.  Those of us seeking to help our country maintain a functioning democracy–a grand sounding endeavor, but with some truth in it for all of us thinking so much of the day about politics–need fuel to sustain our political energy.  Personally, anger and frustration wear me out, so I’m leaning on love as my message prompt inspiration.  In the days ahead, you can monitor whether this freshly clarified perspective holds.  It has been a long break–about six weeks–since I last posted.  We’ll see what this new surge of energy brings.  So many of us may want to send a letter of love and appreciation for Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus’s gifted leadership in 2017 which we with Friends for Civil Action believe resulted in our state, for the moment anyway, being a kinder and economically more viable place (a good economy that all can share in is an important kindness) than it would otherwise have been.  We will miss Joe Straus in the role of Speaker.