Candidate Forum

In order to prepare for the March Primaries, Friends for Civil Action will host its first candidate forum next week.  Our objective is to learn how we can best be discerning voters, looking for candidates with character, capability, inclusive values, and opportunity to secure office.  This becomes all the more important in crowded primaries. As we move forward, we want to express gratitude to the generous people of character who are willing to stand for office and to serve the public.  While we don’t provide group endorsements to candidates, we are interested in elevating the quality of dialogue between candidates and their constituents.

A Letter To Congress

It’s time for problem solving, not for political posturing.  We should all remember that it is’t not normal for anyone in either party to want to be President of the United States. Thinking that one can lead the country is audacious. Being surrounded by good, able, knowledgeable people who want to find solutions, not just negotiate for political gain, is essential for any President to retain perspective. To get us beyond the deep polarized divide that exists, it’s time everyone remember that the United States is about “we, the people,” not about “us, the people,” and “the others.”

Preparing for the March Primaries

As Friends for Civil Action look forward to their next year of positive political engagement, attention turns to the March Primaries.  We want to learn who are the effective, community-minded candidates who have the best opportunity to keep and take office.  Looking first at the districts in which we vote and next at key races of influence outside our own districts, it’s time to gather good information and get to work.  There are candidates to be supported financially and with volunteer help.