Preparing for the Primaries

Friends for Civil Action has a month of opportunity ahead.  Look for daily posts about what we can do to bring positive change to our world.  Today’s opportunity is to take a look at the website of Joseph Kopser, running for U.S. Congress District 21.   As an informal organization without infra-structure, Friends for Civil Action doesn’t endorse.  What we do is support each other in looking for ways to use our raindrop effect to best advantage.  Supporting Joseph Kopser may be a way to help the shower get started advantageously.  He is in a “battleground” district, one that just might with lots of effort become winnable for him.  He talks about being about people, not party.  Some of us live in his district and some don’t.  Either way, we can direct a contribution to his campaign, if inspired to do so, and we can come up with some good “get out the vote” momentum.

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