The Postcard Storm: ten outcomes we should all want and two simple actions we can all take

Here are the ten outcomes we should all want:

  1. A Habitable Planet
  2. Good Healthcare
  3. Quality Public Education
  4. Public Safety
  5. Economic Well-Being
  6. Freedom
  7. Enrichment of Experience
  8. Problem-solving Capacity
  9. Hospitality
  10. Kind Behavior

Everyone, from President Trump to the Koch Brothers to the head of the NAACP, to ministers of all religions, to governors from both parties, the head of the EPA, to media representatives, etc. has reason to want these outcomes for themselves and for any future generation members whom they might value.

Here are two actions all of us with the right vote can take to do our part to secure these outcomes:

  1. Tell our elected officials on a regular basis in words they can hear we want these outcomes

That’s where The Postcard Storm comes into play.  By using the provided message prompts that speak to you, adapting them as you prefer, you can establish a regular communication pattern with officials that is time efficient and sustainable. The more of us that send these messages, the greater our raindrop effect and the more difficult our collective voice is to ignore.

  1. Cast informed votes in all phases of election cycles

If you think that your vote doesn’t matter, think again.  My representative in the Texas legislature, Donna Howard, has served twelve years in office. In one election cycle, she held onto her office by a margin of 4 votes.  Our votes in primaries and in run-offs is every bit as important as our vote in the general election.  We need to vote each step of the way.

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