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Defend Access to Asylum!

Dear Mary (Molly),

This week, migrants attempting to draw attention to the dangerous conditions in Central America arrived at the U.S. border. These migrants, the majority of whom are asylum seekers, call us to engage in dialogue and advocacy around protections for asylum-seekers.

The Episcopal Church has longstanding policy affirming the universal right to seek asylum, and we recognize the need to protect vulnerable individuals. These policies are rooted in our faithful understanding that immigration policies must be just and humane. We recognize the need to have appropriate security measures in place to prevent human trafficking, drug smuggling, and other criminal activities, but these measures must not undermine our legal and moral obligations to those seeking protection nor come at the detriment to human life or our legal obligations to those seeking protection.

Learn more and take action today!

1) Read our blog on the issues of asylum, detention, and our humanitarian obligations.

2) Join our free immigration webinar May 16! Registration required.

3) Take action to defend access to asylum!

Additional Resources

Multimedia experience on seeking asylum in the U.S.

“The Refugee Caravan: Misconceptions and Inaccuracies”

“Trump Administration Tries to Curb Asylum”

Summary: Episcopal Church Policy on Immigration and Refugee Issues

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