Messages for Your Elected Officials to Send or Call this Week

Re: Separating Children from Parents as a Deterrent Tactic is Wrong

Whether or not we agree on immigration policy, we should be able to agree that as a tactic to deter immigration, it is wrong to separate children from parents. John F. Kelly said on NPR last week most of the people who cross the border illegally “are not bad people. They’re not criminals. They’re not MS-13” gang members.”  Stop this immoral separation.

Re: A Culture of Bad Behavior is Bad for Us All

Whatever our political preferences, we should not overlook bad behavior in our elected officials and those who represent them.  Firing by tweet is wrong. Offloading blame is wrong. Disrespect of human dignity is wrong. Calling people names because they are affiliated with a different political party is wrong. Those in power need to protest on all their constituents’ behalf.

Re: Ignoring Environmental Hazards is Bad for Us All

Fifty years ago, the Stanford Research Institute delivered a report titled, Sources, Abundances and Fate of Gaseous Polluters. While what to do is a matter of debate, ignoring the impact of pollution puts us all in peril. Pay attention to pollution.

Re: Costly Facts to Ignore

Internet searches quickly reveal from multiple, credible sources:  1. More than half of households in the U.S. lack $500 for an emergency and 2. Approaching half of children born in the U.S. have their deliveries paid for by Medicaid, because their parent(s) are below the poverty line.  Yes, we can improve our social services network, but not by cutting it back. The reality of poverty and fragility in our country isn’t going away without government paying attention to our environment, our health, and our public education system.  Do what is right, and invest in your people.

Re:  Choosing Who to Help is Morally Wrong

For those who have a faith or secular life practice that respects the call to love our neighbor, we don’t have the choice of helping only those who behave as we think they should. In other words, it’s not right to only give health care to those who will work.  It is right, however, to improve conditions so that more people will be equipped for work.  Less government isn’t a reliable option when more people than ever need help in America.

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