As we move onward today, many of us will be holding a candle for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s bravery: may her incredible bravery and composure inspire us to raise our own levels of kindness, purpose and hope.

The lifetime appointment of a supreme court justice by its nature must focus on the person being considered.  Brett Kavanaugh proved himself temperamentally unfit with his attacking, partisan testimony at yesterday’s hearing.  No matter that he was under great pressure; the role he is striving for requires personal greatness. For those of us who do not believe his testimony, his lack of proper temperament is a small part of the problem; his willingness to lie under oath in the name of ambition to judge others  is a horror.  Worse than that are all the men and some women who will potentially vote to affirm his nomination.  As people, we can be better than this.  Of all the years I have lived, never has there been such a shadow on our land that I have witnessed.  May we move out from the shadow and do the right thing by turning back Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

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