Speak up when our government officials turn profane.

Friends for Civil Action, some of whom once upon a time, at least on occasion, voted Republican, as our name indicates, value civility.  That doesn’t mean we stay quiet when deep violations of proper behavior occur.  No person, whatever gender, should direct profanities towards another  in what is supposed to be professional capacity.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo apparently behaved disgracefully to veteran NPR news reporter Mary Louise Kelly first abruptly truncating his interview with her Friday, and then calling her in privately to yell and curse at her. Then, today, he kicked another senior NPR reporter off the press corps group scheduled to travel with him to Europe this coming week. We cannot allow government officials, either party, to shut down media outlets they don’t like.  We cannot ignore reprehensible behavior on the part of someone responsible for maintaining important diplomatic ties around the world.  We cannot sit by idly as the President of the United States, speaking of Mary Louise Kelly, says to Mike Pompeo in front of media outlets, “I think you did a good job on her.”  This behavior is not acceptable, and if we don’t relay this message to our Senators and Congressional Representative, even if they seem incapable of hearing our message, we are not doing our job as citizens.

One thought on “Speak up when our government officials turn profane.

  1. I have written John Cronyn about this very thing. Appalling. Thank you for your work! Love to you, too. Louise

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