A Lament

Hello postcard stormers with Friends for Civil Action,

Here’s a proposed message to send via postcard and phone to our elected officials serving the state of TexasI lament the divisive agenda the Governor has set for the Special Session. I support the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Bishop of the Diocese of Texas, and other leaders in their opposition to the “bathroom bill.” The bill discriminates needlessly.  I support the Texas Business Association in its opposition to the bill.  Hurting the economy hurts the people of Texas. Aside from the sunset bill requirement, I oppose the entire special session agenda.  Sign with your name as it appears on your voter’s registration card and include your return address.

Appreciate you all!

Molly Sharpe

Friends for Civil Action

Friends for Civil Action believe inclusive policies are the right policies for community life, public safety, the economy, and the human spirit.  We are an informal network—without dues or infra-structure—of friends and neighbors branching to many neighborhoods.  As we present our goals to elected officials, we do so with civility, avoiding name calling.  We focus on issues that are vital to community well-being.  We are residents of our neighborhoods and of the world.




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