Conquering the Political Divide

Re: Our Divide

Believing the polarized divide in our country and world is destructive, we take up our pens to send healing messages. If many of us do this regularly, good for ourselves and for others will come of our effort.  At minimum, we will be better people for doing our part.

Re:  Republicans

In my dreams, the Republican party would decide to become the party of agile problem solvers, looking for cost effective solutions based on expert input to our long-term problems. The problem-solving we need is much more complex than giving businesses and the rich a big tax break.  It includes gathering together questions we haven’t even yet thought to ask.

Re: Democrats

The Democratic party in my dreams would be the party of our conscience, keeping the value of loving all our neighbors near and far, here at home and abroad–because we are global–front of mind.

Re:  Good Decisions

Adept decision making begins with framing excellent questions. Leaping to a seemingly simple solution may rally people to action, but for the solution to be good and cost effective it needs thoughtful examination, with action coming before the time to act has passed.  I favor solutions that are crafted with care and in-acted before unnecessary harm is done.


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