Postcard Messages for Senators Cruz and Cornyn, Your U.S. Congress Representative, Governor, Lt. Governor, and Selected State Legislators

The Pope, in giving his work “Laudato Si” to President Trump, framed his book as about “care of our common home, the environment.”  In it, the Pope calls for a “new partnership between science and religion to combat human-driven climate change.” Policy issues are much more complex than the Republican position (which these days seems to be all about tax savings for the very rich) and the Democrat position (which is being crowned as the caring party by default). I oppose a polarized Republican Party.  We need good Republicans as well as Democrats to figure out answers to the complexities facing us at every turn.  I am opposed to far right Republican political policy, which I repeat, comes across as all about tax savings for the very rich.  Mary H. Sharpe 78703-2833.  [The information about the Pope’s book is from The Washington Post, week of May 20, 2017]

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